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About Me

To me, art, and animation in particular, is more than just a hobby....more than just a career path!  It is a life-time passion, a deeply rooted love, and central driving force in my life.  Yeah've heard that before.  But in ways, it was the appreciation and exploration of many art forms that saved me.  As a young child who was quiet and reserved, struggled with speech, faced challenges at home, I found wonder and JOY in art.  I found inspiration in animated films like UP! and Monsters, Inc. -- because underneath the fantastic art form was an amazing story!  And these stories helped to shape me, as they often shape the world around us all.


And now, as a recent SCAD graduate, where I focused on 3D Performance Animation and 3D Modeling, I am beyond thrilled to continue my journey in Computer Animation, telling compelling stories by creating unique visuals (that often contain a back story of their own), and using technology, knowledge, skill, and passion to breath movement and life into those visuals.

So, my career plans?  Tell the stories.  Discover the stories.  Enhance the stories.  Create the stories.  And telling those stories through Computer Animation, my true passion, well, it simply isn't work to me.  Mark Twain said it right...."Choose a job you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life."

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